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I am a bouncer at a local nightclub as well as a security specialist for various events and individuals. In seeking a martial arts school to improve my on-the-job effectiveness, skills, and training, it was imperative that I found an instructor and training style that was flexible, practical, effective, versatile and comprehendible.
After reviewing many of the schools in the area it was crystal clear that Unbridled Martial Arts was a perfect fit. Rob, as an instructor, is outstanding in his delivery of information, demonstration of technique, and passion for helping everyone experience success regardless of fitness or skill level. The flexibility of styles from Western Boxing to Judo to basic ground fight techniques offers me and my fellow classmates an unparalleled arsenal of skills to apply. Unbridled Martial Arts is an excellent choice for anyone looking for substance and integrity in a martial arts instructor and school.

~ Brian (B.Y.) Young

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