Membership outlined in this video seem manipulative?

Is it just me or does the membership outlined in this video seem highly manipulative?


I’m so appreciative I grew up taking karate in Bellingham when I did and not nowadays!  Not that at elementary-school-age I was overly involved in what my parents paid for my lessons, what I did know is there wasn’t any shadiness to it.  I wasn’t indoctrinated and my parents weren’t snared.  I knew no one was getting pressured and I knew being a member of the dojo was an individualized experience for me, not a week-by-week cookie-cutter process that everyone did the same.

There wasn’t any of this “if you act now you can save” behavior.  There weren’t trinkets that said “Never give up.”  The byproducts of the martial arts came through organically for us and it wasn’t forced.  For example, my contributions to my family, completing chores, I was not compelled to do those things through worksheet assignments.  Goal setting came through wanting to improve.  I identified older, experienced martial artists that I wanted to emulate.  These adults sure as hell didn’t sit me down to question me and review my commitment.  They didn’t call the end of my first month “decision week” ( in other words: “you can save money week”) or say “your parents want you to continue” and then emphasize an unnecessary importance on earning a “black belt.”

So, why is there a 7-month and a 12-month enrollment?  Shouldn’t every month cost the same for everyone?  I understand the reason and business practice of discounts –i.e. “if you buy a lot now you can save.”  It allows the seller to get a bulk payment at once and rewards the buyer for doing so.  But realize it is always for the benefit of the seller, first and foremost.

I am an advocate for positive reinforcement.  However, self-satisfaction developed at a young age is even more valuable in the long run, thereby knowing recognition and praise won’t always be there.

Success and achievement can also be garnered through not being duped.  I commend this school’s explanation that it guarantees a tuition refund if the parent or child is unsatisfied.  If that can be easily taken care of without fanfare.

Here’s how easy my upbringing in the martial arts was:  My parents paid the same year-round, no staff members asked me about my commitment or tried to influence my decisions. I showed up, my instructor taught me, and the instructor didn’t have to play games with me to keep me interested and enrolled.


My doctor told me I need to lose weight or I was on the fast track to Diabetes. Knowing my habits and family health history I knew that was true. I went to UMAwith a goal of two classes a week on the first month. That was it. I’m on my 3rd month and I have lost 15 lbs. The incentive to make back $5 a week from the dues just by coming twice a week did keep me motivated. That’s when I realized that I can fit two classes a week in my schedule. Let’s face it, everyone now needs gas money. With that goal accomplished, I noticed after my 2nd month in UMA a bonus improvement that I didn’t take account of in the beginning. My stress levels have lowered and my stamina has increased. What can I say about the classes that you haven’t already read in the other reviews…no ranks, no rituals, a well-rounded Martial Arts program, patient, motivated instructor, great class environment. I am 40 years old and I am able to touch my toes without bending my knees for the first time in years. My back feels great after losing all that weight and gaining a better shape. My hand-eye coordination improved with the bag drills. My reflexes are more attuned from the live grappling and Escrima stick training. I am studying a skill set that will improve my confidence, reduce my stress and keep me active. There are also supplemental classes on Saturdays for strength training. Let’s face it, finding time for physical activities on anybody’s schedule is sparse and consuming. I have an hour and a half commute to work 6 days a week and my day starts at 3 in the morning. Work takes a toll on your mind and your body. I needed to take back control of my physical and mental health or my doctor’s prediction would come true. I use to be an XXL now I am working on that L shirt.
Goals change and then I realized it’s a lifestyle. Looking forward to the next class.

~ Jayson Nazareno, maker of planes, Boeing, Everett, WA

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