Performance Physical Therapy

Topic: Rehabilitating an injury.
I can’t give Bellingham Performance Physical Therapy my business anymore. Over the last 20 years I have seen them a handful of times to treat various sports injuries. On the billing statement for my last few sessions, I was surprised to see how much more they were charging compared to their costs when I saw them four years ago. Even within this December 2014 stint, you can see my first “evaluation” visit was nearly three times the amount as a routine session I received the following week. Mind you, all of these appointments were between 25-45 minutes.


My issue isn’t even in the fact I had no marked improvement by the 4th visit. I have always found their staff helpful and interested in helping to remedy injuries. I wrote them a letter disputing the high cost of my initial visit and included copies of my past bills. Their two-page reply stated: “Our billed rates have increased proportionately along with the cost of living increases and the economy…. In summary, all charges were in line with the treatment provided.”

In the near future I am going to make a video that shows how to avoid this ridiculous expense that incurs sometimes meager results. I will discuss how I was able to overcome my injury without their help and with little cost.


Being a fairly shy person, I was a bit nervous to join a martial arts class. As soon as I contacted Rob, I got a good sense of what he expressed to me, and liked what he described. When I went to watch a class and met Rob, I knew this was the right place for me, and was so excited to start. When I discovered Unbridled Martial Arts, any training of this kind was completely new to me, but that is accepted, even desired here. Rob, and everyone there was so inviting, and made me feel like I was welcome. This is the type of person Rob is, and so naturally these are the kind of people that join and stay. This is Rob’s passion, and he’s looking to share it with anyone and everyone. He’s a great teacher, always ready to work with you on any level. Rob’s teaching always made me feel comfortable. He pushes you to succeed and he believes in you, but never so that you feel forced. It is a completely free, and personable learning experience. Therefore if you’re a complete beginner as I was, he’s ready to bring his knowledge and passion to you. It’s a great place for someone new to martial arts, as well as someone who’s been training for years. I’m forever grateful for what I learned at Unbridled Martial Arts. I now have such a strong passion and desire to continue developing in my newfound love of MMA.

~ ”The other” Brittany Lee

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