UMA Receives Award from Volunteer Center of Whatcom County

The Volunteer Center of Whatcom County recently presented me with their “Volunteers with Heart” award.
August 2014 marks the 11th year anniversary of my non-profit, volunteer work with the Max Higbee Recreation Center.volunteers-with-heart-award-logo

The following photos are of me teaching my adaptive martial arts program for developmentally disabled adults in Whatcom County.
(Photos courtesy of Malinda Warder of WarderPhoto)


The non-profit organization was founded in honor of Western Washington University alum Max Higbee, who began his career at WWU in 1962 as an associate professor of education and eventually served as head of the special education program, later retiring in 1987.

  • Rob Eis
    Unbridled Martial Arts

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Fact: Of the 34% of Washington State residents who do volunteer work their contributions amount to 200 million hours spent each year, valued at almost $5 billion in our state economy. (citation)


My favorite part of Unbridled Martial Arts was that I left my very first day with self-defense moves that I could use immediately. Each day I attended, I felt like I built upon those moves and learned new moves. By practicing free rolling so soon in my training, I gained confidence in the practice of defending myself. Additionally, I enjoyed the atmosphere. The club was no pressure, and the people were extremely nice. Finally, the price of the class was incomparable, and with no contract I am glad that I can take time off when I need to and feel free to come back. I’m hoping to start back up again either spring or summer, when my busy season subsides. Thanks again for a few wonderful classes.

~ Michelle Silcott, Firefighter/EMT

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