UMA Workout/Cookout (June 2013)


Time: Sunday, June 30th, 2013 · 12:30pm – 3:30pm

Location: outside the Unbridled Martial Arts studio

Info: Come burn some calories and then put some right back on!
This Sunday bring friends and family and your favorite food to throw on the grill.
We will do an outdoor weightlifting and MMA circuit for 45 minutes and then eat, drink, and celebrate the weekend!





















15 stations for three minutes each
Sledgehammers, Kettlebells, Weight clubs & Free weights
Tractor tires, Dips & Pull-ups station
Escrima sticks, Hanging & Stationary Punching Bags, Speedbag
Machines: Butterfly, Bench Press, Squat, Lat Pull-down, Low Row, Seated Incline Abdominal, Leg Extension, Single Arm Cable Lateral Raises, Tricep Rope Push-down; and more…


Workout starts at 1pm. Eating by 2pm. Outdoor games until 3pm.


I really enjoy training at Unbridled Martial Arts. The atmosphere is relaxed but also fast paced. We are always doing something new in class, which keeps things fresh and exciting. After class there are always new techniques or variations to reflect upon. In six months of training, I have seen my ground fighting skills improve significantly. I have also noticed a marked improvement in my core strength and flexibility. I feel confident that I am a more rounded martial artist from training at UMA. I would recommend this school to any beginner who is looking to test the waters of self defense and martial arts, and also to more experienced students looking to expand their horizons or cross train. The non-traditional atmosphere is not intimidating to beginners, and is often refreshing to martial artists from traditional schools. The low monthly tuition and lack of contract is a huge incentive to join for a month and see if you like it. The things I like best about UMA are that the class is informal, we train hard, everyone is improving, we have fun training together, and I have made some new friends.

~ Daniel Smith

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