UMA Workout/Cookout (June 2013)


Time: Sunday, June 30th, 2013 · 12:30pm – 3:30pm

Location: outside the Unbridled Martial Arts studio

Info: Come burn some calories and then put some right back on!
This Sunday bring friends and family and your favorite food to throw on the grill.
We will do an outdoor weightlifting and MMA circuit for 45 minutes and then eat, drink, and celebrate the weekend!





















15 stations for three minutes each
Sledgehammers, Kettlebells, Weight clubs & Free weights
Tractor tires, Dips & Pull-ups station
Escrima sticks, Hanging & Stationary Punching Bags, Speedbag
Machines: Butterfly, Bench Press, Squat, Lat Pull-down, Low Row, Seated Incline Abdominal, Leg Extension, Single Arm Cable Lateral Raises, Tricep Rope Push-down; and more…


Workout starts at 1pm. Eating by 2pm. Outdoor games until 3pm.


Every Tuesday and Thursday night for the past six months, I have attended martial arts classes with Rob Eis at Unbridled Martial Arts. As an active community member, parent and small business owner, finding the time to attend class isn’t always easy, but it is always worth the effort. Unbridled Martial Arts has had a very positive affect on the way I approach physical fitness and life in general. Having never participated in martial arts during my youth, I was reluctant to begin a program as an adult. I have several friends who participate in traditional martial arts programs, and have witnessed their training sessions as well. I knew that the traditional approach was not for me. Unbridled Martial Arts offers an informal, yet well-orchestrated learning environment for adults whose primary goal is to learn technique, effective stretching methods, and self-defense strategies. Rob Eis uses a blend of styles to achieve those goals. From the first night of class I was learning the proper fighting stance. I was throwing punches, executing kicks and using knees. Instead of throwing punches into the air, I was paired with a partner who provided me sensory feedback by holding pads for me to land my blows. In addition to immediately learning new skills, I was getting a good workout and having fun while I was at it. Rob has proven to be a humble and competent teacher. He works well with students of all abilities, taking time to make sure each individual executes each technique properly. I have never left class feeling as though I didn’t learn something new. I look forward to the next six months of instruction from Rob at Unbridled Martial Arts!

~ Jon McGrath

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