WWU Martial Arts Skills Class for Faculty, Staff, and Students

MMA Skills at WWU

Photo titlecard for Self-Defense Fitness class Spring Qtr 2016

This class is open for all WWU faculty, staff, and students.  First class is free so come check it out!!

Location: Carver Gym – CV210 (Gym A)
Cost: $35
Time: Friday 12:00-1:00pm

Fall Quarter
• Begins: Friday 9/28/18
• Ends: Friday 12/7/18
No class on November 23rd.
Visit <here> for class description and registration info. (Links are at the bottom of the page; one for Faculty & Staff and one for WWU Students.)

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The price is so affordable, for what you’re teaching. With no contracts, there’s no pressure that you’re going to be stuck with anything. The classes offer great cardio and a friendly environment, where students develop the skills to work partner drills safely through a system of signals. Rob gives each student personal attention. Every single class has something special.

~ Israel Pedraza, engineer

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