Celebrating 35th Anniversary in Martial Arts

I began martial arts in October 1981. To celebrate my 35 years in martial arts, on the 1st class of October I gave all my students in attendance their money back and announced they will train for free the entire month. A way of saying thanks to everyone for the years of support and dedication. 

* * In this video I list many of my esteemed teachers Charles Wixson, Teruo Hayashi, Michael Cain, Marsha McKenzie, Jerry Jenkins, Jerry Ferguson, Linda Marquardt, Teruo Chinen, Kenzo Mabuni, Mark Glaser, Jeremy Corbell,Michael Frison, Steve Lang, James Ferguson, Chris Petrilli, Frank Shamrock, Paul Vunak, Tony Blauer, -above all, Tom Weissmuller! 

* * * I forgot in the video to mention Bob Anderson. He let me train for the summer at his school in Ferndale over a decade ago and was so cool and generous -and tough as nails.

–Rob Eis


The great thing about working with Rob is that he is willing to integrate many different forms of martial arts into class, which makes each class as interesting as the class before. Every day we learn something new on top of getting an excellent workout. I was nervous when I first started class, as I had no prior training in any form of fighting or martial arts, but everyone in class was extremely helpful and Rob is always there to make sure you understand what is going on and how to do things properly.

~ Melissa Guenser, Account Manager

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