Our school is community-based and grows from the contributions of its members.

This does not mean a financial obligation. It simply means you are expected to take care of the training environment and that there are no gym employees that clean up after you. You are your own janitor and if you see something that needs mending, you don’t wait for the teacher to ask you to do it.

Please note:

  • If all you need is a commercial gym or if you already know everything about martial arts and you just need a place to spar, do not come here.
  • If you’re looking for an MMA gym, I can refer you to plenty of places that are just that and they won’t expect any more from you than the cost of a contractual membership.

Dojo 1 - small Dojo 2 - small

Facility Features

  • 2100 sq. ft.
  • Changing room, bathroom, shower, & lockers
  • More than 1800 sq. ft. of open mat space (35ft. x 55ft.)
  • 10 stationary punching bags
  • 10 hanging punching bags
  • Floor bags, double-end bag, speed bag
  • Throwing dummy & grappling dummies
  • Dozens of kettlebells
  • Three-inch thick undulation workout rope
  • Free weights, Powerblocks
  • Medicine balls
  • Sandbags
  • Stability balls
  • Cardio machines: Precor stepper, 2 elliptical machines, 4 Precor recumbent bikes
  • Ultimate body press dip stand
  • TRX suspension ropes
  • Climbing ropes
  • Indian clubs
  • Wall mirrors
  • Wide open bay doors for added ventilation
  • Refrigerator for sports drinks
  • Outdoor training with weight machines & punching bags

Inside 1 - small Inside 2 - small

The great thing about our hanging bags is we have a custom-engineered pulley system allowing us to move them when not in use. This optimizes our training space to the fullest. Our facility has over 1600 square feet of unobstructed floor space and 28 ft. x 20 ft. of mat space for grappling.

Inside 3 - small Inside 4 - small

We provide all the necessary training equipment for our lessons:

Thai pads, focus mitts, kickboxing gloves & shin guards, jump ropes, dull safety-training knives, foam sticks, rattan escrima sticks, and protective eyewear.

Members must have their own hand protection (gloves or wraps) & mouthguard.

We can provide boxing hand wraps for a minimum donation of $5 & mouthguards for $1 for our members.

OutdoorTraining1 OutdoorTraining2

There will be a boxing ring in the near future with a revolutionary design that can be easily dismantled to preserve our mat space for grappling.


I trained at UMA on and off for several months and really enjoyed the experience. Previously I studied Shotokan karate for ten years in New Orleans and Muay Thai Kickboxing at another Bellingham school for a few months. I really appreciated Rob’s level of knowledge, training, and technical skill, and the way that he seamlessly combines traditional concepts and techniques with newer and less universal techniques. His classes are well-structured and I appreciated knowing how each class would proceed every evening – starting off with intensive conditioning and ending with the application and practice of core martial arts concepts. So in each class I was able to strengthen and condition my body, as well as practice sparring, working on combos, take-downs, etc. The instructor’s many years of experience are evident – he draws from his diversified and extensive experience regularly, exposing students to a wide range of information, resources, and making evident his impressive skill level.
The facilities are extremely clean, a rare thing in MMA gyms and martial arts schools. Everything has its place and is very organized. I was very impressed with the extensive array of equipment that is made available for the students to use.
While the classes are very structured, the environment is laid-back and casual; all are welcome to come and train and you aren’t made to feel inadequate. In fact, Rob customizes the classes to individual ability and levels of training. So while one group of more experienced students is performing a specific exercise, a newer group with less experience can still participate at a modified level.
The cost is unbeatable and only further serves to show the dedication of the instructor; he is doing this solely for his love of martial arts, not for the money. Having worked out at another local MMA gym where I was scammed out of more than $1,000, I really appreciate this about UMA.

~ Lindsay Hilton, freelance writer

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